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Nurse and Patient. Original vintage print. Mill├ęsime original affiche

£100.00 Approx $137.55, €117.1, £100

Code: HH-2872


W: 37cm (14.6")H: 50cm (19.7")

1930. Deux enfants jouant au malade et à l'infirmière.

Scarce! Delightful image of a young girl acting as the nurse to a small boy (possibly her brother) who is ill in bed. He doesn't seem to be keen for her assistance! Undated, but estimate circa 1930, and no print history.

René Vincent (1879–1936) was a French illustrator who worked in an Art Deco style and became famous for his poster designs.

Condition: In a very condition having been kept in a frame. A little sun faded (again due to frame), but otherwise perfect. Verso has some resifue from being tipped-in at some point.