A nude study in pencil / charcoal

A nude study in pencil / charcoal

Code: Wall


W: 44.5cm (17.5")H: 60cm (23.6")

£60.00 Approx $82.53, €70.26, £60

An original pencil / charcoal sketch by M. Bollion. We cannot identify who this artist was. Probably a skilled amateur. 

Drawn on white art paper. The image / paper is 44.5 x 60 cm.  The sketch has been mounted behind a grey passe partout - which has focused on an area of the sketch.  The image size showing through the passe partout is 30cm x 45.5cm

This is currently held within a wooden frame (glazed).  The frame is a little tatty, but sound.  The sketch is sold without the frame - but this can be included for additional shipping.