A Nude Study in Pastel by E. Schepp

A Nude Study in Pastel by E. Schepp

Code: HH-2751

£275.00 Approx $378.27, €322.01, £275

An original study, in pastels with three nude images. Perhaps a basis for sculpture, as the work shows torsos, and is more sculptural than erotic.

The signature is difficult to decipher, but appears to be E. Schepp.  The work shows clear skill, and is in very good condition. Appears to have been drawn in the 1960's or 1970's.

Mounted in passe partout.  The work is held in a glazed wooden frame. The price shown here is for the pastel itself, in the passe partout, but unframed. 

If you wish to also buy the frame, then this is also possible for a small additional cost. (Most of the additional cost is the difficult shipping)! Image: 56.5cm x 44.5cm. Frame: 77cm x 66cm