Original copper engraving of the Rokin, Amsterdam

Original copper engraving of the Rokin, Amsterdam

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W: 52cm (20.5")H: 45.5cm (17.9")

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Gezigt langs het Rokin op de Nieuwe - Zyds - Kapel en Beurs.

(A view along the Rokin, with the chapel and new district by Hendrick de Keyser)

Deliniated by Jan de Beijer ( 1703 - 1780 ); Engraved by J. Folkema; Published by Isaak Tirion in Jan Wagenaar's work Amsterdam in zijne Opkomst, Aanwas, Geschiedenissen, etc. (Tranlated: Amsterdam, its rise, growth and history). This monumental work outlined the new building and growth of Amsterdam in the Golden Age. 

An original uncoloured copper engraving from 1765.  Plate (impression) size is 37cm x 28.5cm. 

The impression is clear and heavy. The paper clean and in good condition. There is a fold to the centre of the work (from the binding). Slight darkening to the edges of the sheet. Overall a very nice, uncoloured copy of this early view of Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam city stonemason Hendrick de Keyser (1565-1621), the sculptor of the grave monument of Willem van Oranje in Delft and master builder of numerous buildings in Amsterdam (such as the Westerkerk, Zuiderkerk and Noorderkerk), Delft, Deventer and Horn. He was regarded by the founders as an artist of national significance, comparable to Rembrandt for painting.