‘Isolationist Bullshit’ Limited Edition Hand Screenprinted Poster

‘Isolationist Bullshit’ Limited Edition Hand Screenprinted Poster

Code: HH-2759


W: 42cm (16.5")H: 59cm (23.2")

£75.00 Approx $103.16, €87.82, £75

Hand screenprinted with Pip Seymour indigo ink on 380 microns board. Signed by both artists, and numbered # 34 of a limited edition of 60. One of eleven Brexit based artworks by Chris Hopewell and Stanley Donwood. Tales of love from the Brexit transition period.  Thwarted romance, doomed love, hopeless heartache, and a slap in the face! 

Stanley Donwood is the pen name of British artist and writer Dan Rickwood. He is best known for his work on the artwork for the musician Thom Torke and his band Radiohead.

Chris Hopewell is British music video director and screenprinted poster maker. He has directed videos for,  among others, Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Offspring and various other bands.