Election Eve by William Eggleston.

Election Eve by William Eggleston.

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Göttingen: 2017. Revised Steidl edition (first published as two volumes in 1977). This large format recreates the full original sequence of photos in one volume for the first time. Rich with 100 images illustrating Eggleston's pilgrimage from Memphis to the small town of Plains, Georgia (home of Jimmy Carter), where in November 1976 Carter was elected 39th President of the United States. Lonesome roads, train tracks, cars, gas stations and houses... Lloyd Fonvielle says in the book's introduction: 'The photographs have a quietude and unsentimental romanticism, as well as an edge of poignance, which belie the expectations of hopefulness or portentousness suggested by a knowledge of the time and place in which they were made. On the eve of the election, when nothing had yet been decided, when everything - whatever that everything was -hung in the balance, Eggleston made an elegy... a statement of perfect calm'. In a very good condition - both inside and out.