Animal Day - 65p stamp. By James Cauty.

Animal Day - 65p stamp. By James Cauty.

Code: HH-1820


W: 30.5cm (12")H: 33cm (13")

£120.00 Approx $165.06, €140.52, £120

Limited Edition Print onto 315 gsm archival paper. Edition of 65 stamped and numbered (this is 06/65). Part of the ‘Stamps of Mass Destruction’ campaign also released as stamps and prints. Stamped and hand numbered in ink to front. “Cautese National Postal Disservice”  certificate included. Has the “C.N.P.D. Stamps of Mass Destruction Limited Edition”. This is one of James Cauty's famous anti-occupation of Iraq protest prints. These stamps were the subject of a legal action in 2003 by UK's Royal Mail alleging copyright infringement. 

James (Jimmy) Cauty, was formerly a musician with the band 'The Orb', and was a member of 'KLF'. More recently, he has been an artist, creating works of dissent, and working alongside artists such as Banksy and Billy Childish. He has been involved in Steve Lowe’s L-13 Light Industrial workshop. He created the gift shop at Banksy’s 'Dismaland'. His work also toured as part of the ADP (Aftermath Dislocation Principle) Riot Tour.