Ingewikkeld eenvoudig by Piet Warffemius.

Ingewikkeld eenvoudig by Piet Warffemius.

Code: HH-1895


W: 70cm (27.6")H: 35cm (13.8")D: 2cm (0.8")

£150.00 Approx $206.33, €175.64, £150

An English translation of the title 'Ingewikkeld eenvoudig' would be something like: 'Complicated and simple'. The title is taken from a painting by Kandinsky.

Stobos Art Editions: 1992. A collections of three Silkscreen/Serigraph prints. Each signed, numbered and dated by the artist in pencil. This set is # 57 of 72. On handmade paper. The three prints are presented (with a title sheet) in a titled wooden box. Measurements of the box: 70 x 35 x 2 cm. Each page of silkscreen print: 65 x 30 cm. The prints arein an 'As new' condition. The box has signs of light handling.