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W: 76.5cm (30.1")H: 28cm (11")

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This beautiful uncoloured aquatint was published by Thomas McLean.  Acquatint by Thomas Sutherland (1785-1838) after Henry Thomas Alken. Dated March 1824. Aquatint is 8” x 251/2” the sheet is 15” x 33”. It seems this was first produced in 1821 - so this would be a re-strike. The aquatint is a good clean impression, and there is minimal handling to it. A touch of marking and handling to the edge of the sheet. Overall a very nice copy of this work.

ALKEN, Henry (1785 - 1851) was from a family of sporting artists, signing his early work 'Ben Tally Ho'. A keen sportsman he gave an authentic feel to his hunting prints and pictures. He became widely known for his sporting prints and pictures as well as his watercolour hunting, coaching and shooting scenes.