Delightful engravings of a Pangolin (scaly anteater)

Delightful engravings of a Pangolin (scaly anteater)

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W: 14.5cm (5.7")H: 27.5cm (10.8")

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Two small, but charming, engravings of a Pangolin (scaly anteater). One viewed from the rear (or above), and one curled in to a ball. On same sheet of thick high quality cream paper. Deep impressions on each. They appear handpressed. Perfect for framing. Image sizes: 6 x 10 cm and 6 x 4 cm respectively. 

Pangolins are mammals with large, protective keratin scales covering their skin. Nocturnal in nature, their diet consists of mainly ants and termites, which they capture using their very long tongues. Sadly, these delightful creatures are heavily under threat from poaching, and are the most trafficked mammals in the world.