Into the Night Life (promotional pamphlet) by Henry Miller.

Into the Night Life (promotional pamphlet) by Henry Miller.

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W: 22cm (8.7")H: 28cm (11")

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Big Sur: undated (circa 1947). A well-designed promotional pamphlet that Miller sent to booksellers and other literary types to promote his 1947 work, "Into the Night Life." Signed by Miller himself, on 18th July 1955. Words by both Miller and the book's Palestinian illustrator, Bezalel Shatz. Comments from, among others, Beniamino Bufano Man Ray, Will Rogers, Herbert Read and Anais Nin.

Into the Night Life took almost two years to produce. Only eight hundred copies were produced, and each one was signed and numbered. This pamphlet was designed to promote the book, by giving insight in to how it was made, what it is about, together with a few testimonials from individuals deemed qualified to appraise its merits.

Plain covers with some fading. Internally clean and tidy. Book has obviously been creased at some point but is all in a very good condition.