A lithograph of Quarries of Belgium

A lithograph of Quarries of Belgium

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W: 63cm (24.8")H: 47.5cm (18.7")D: 5cm (2")

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An attractive lithograph. delineated by Adrian Canelle.  The lithograph shows the "Carrieres et scieries de Pierre Bleue" - the Stone Quarries and Sawmills near Soignes.  The quarry still exists and is owned by P.J. Wincqz.

Edited by J Geruzet, and published by Simonau & Toovey in 1852

The lithograph is quite clean and tidy, with a touch of marking only. There are a few foxing spots, but these are quite light and not very noticeable. It is sold as a lithograph only, but is currently held in a frame.  For a small additional cost (cost of the shipping and packing) we will include the frame if required.

Image area is 42.5cm x 30cm / Paper area is 59cm x 43.5cm  /  Frame size is 63 x 47.5cm

Frame is slightly nicked to the corners, but still sympathetic to the subject. Under glass. 

Adrian Canelle was a Beligian lithographer.  Born in 1819, he produced a variety of views of Belgium. 

This work is part of the series of  La Belgique Industrielle (Brussels, 1852; ed. Géruzet; print Simonau & Toovey), on the modern industry in Belgium of that time. It also featured Val Saint-Lambert in Seraing, the station of La Louvière, Porcelaine Capellemans in Halle, Fayence Boch in Dôornik , blast furnaces of Marcinelle and Couillet, the Fabrique de briquettes F. de Haynin in Gosselies, the blast furnaces and steel mills in Seraing, the firm Phoenix & Glenmore in Borgerhout